Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where do I begin?

First and foremost, I am excited to have begun this new journey .....I guess I have enjoyed so many other blogs related to interior design that I can not hold in my passion any more ....and need to share. I have so many ideas, projects, recipes etc.  Who knows where this will lead me.

So, where do I begin? I have many things I want to share, the jewelry I make, or the latest design project, or this great cornice board or maybe the two chairs I found at a fruit stand I can't wait to recover....oh my!

I love making jewelry, I love creating things, I love simple, I love clean! I love FOOD, love to talk about it and love to eat it. When it comes to making it - i love simple quick recipes that result in fabulous. I don't like the fact I have simple eaters in my home, two boys - one that is somewhat adventurous and the other only eats chicken...argh!  Husband - loves food - just not sauces and things smothered in cheese like me! A meat and potatoes man for sure! I absolutely LOVE my family. However, with two boys and a very manly husband I have come to realize they can't just sit and talk to me about my love of the color purple, the wonderful chair I found, the new fabrics from Robert Allen, I think not. Another reason for my blog!

I came across this picture and another idea for a project popped in my head.  I would like to try and make this mirror! FUN! Idea for a future post!  Hope you visit back for the future projects and inspiration for your home. 

I also realize I need to research more on blogger design! help....

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